Current Students

University System of Georgia

Contact Information

Academic Resources

  • Official lists of degrees and majors for each 抖阴社区短视频 institution.
  • Academic Calendars
    Academic Calendars for each institution. Includes registration dates, class beginning and end dates and recess dates.
  • Academic Common Market
    A cooperative tuition reduction agreement among the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) states.

  • Online courses and programs offered by 抖阴社区短视频 institutions.
  • Study Abroad
    Resources and information for studying abroad.
  • Student Affairs
    Student Affairs is responsible for advising the Chancellor and the Board of Regents on all matters affecting student life on the institution campuses of the University System of Georgia.
  • Mathematics Pathways
    The best mathematics courses to take for each major.

Credit Transfer Information

  • Transfer Officers
    The Transfer Officers handle problems related to core curriculum transfer.

Grants, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

  • Information on financial aid eligibility, options, how to apply, and other resources to pay for college.

  • HOPE - Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally - is Georgia’s unique scholarship program that rewards students with financial assistance in degree, diploma, and certificate programs at eligible Georgia public and private colleges and universities, and public technical colleges.

  • Information on Georgia Student Finance Commission grants and scholarships.

抖阴社区短视频 Technology Store

  • Offers University System of Georgia students affordable, brand name software and services for their work or personal computers.