Operations Division

Committed to securing the University System鈥檚 information assets

The Board of Regents recognizes information created, collected, or distributed using technology by the University System of Georgia (抖阴社区短视频) organizations is a valuable asset and must be protected from unauthorized disclosure, modification, or destruction. The degree of protection needed is based on the nature of the resource and its intended use. Therefore, 抖阴社区短视频 organizations shall create and maintain an internal cybersecurity technology infrastructure consisting of a cybersecurity organization and program that ensures the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all 抖阴社区短视频 information assets.

The 抖阴社区短视频 Chief Information Security Officer shall develop and maintain a cybersecurity organization and architecture for support of cybersecurity across the 抖阴社区短视频 and support of activities between institutions. The 抖阴社区短视频 chief information security officer shall maintain cybersecurity implementation guidelines that 抖阴社区短视频 organizations should consider in the development of their individualized cybersecurity plans.

A department within the 抖阴社区短视频鈥檚 Administration Division, Cybersecurity represents the University System to the federal, state, and local government entities, higher education, private industry, and others on security-related matters. Cybersecurity is committed to securing the University System鈥檚 information assets toward creating a more educated and secure Georgia.