Chief Information Officers Advisory Council

for the University System of Georgia

Chief Information Officers Advisory Council

About the CIO Advisory Council

The CIO Advisory Council membership has 1162 combined years of experience in leading and managing Information Technology, resulting in forward thinking strategy and solutions for University System of Georgia technology-based initiatives.

History, Vision, Mission
In 1989, the University System of Georgia (抖阴社区短视频) Advisory Council approved the formation of an Administrative Committee on Information Technology (ACIT). At the October 19, 2010 meeting, the ACIT voted to rename and update the mission of the organization as follows:

Name: CIO Advisory Council (CIO Council)

Vision: To enhance the impact and value of technology in the 抖阴社区短视频.

Mission: The mission of the CIO Advisory Council is to function as a professional organization for University System IT leaders, and to serve as an advisory body for the 抖阴社区短视频 and as a stakeholder communication group for the Vice Chancellor/Chief Information Officer.