Economic Development

External Affairs Division

Aligning Talent Demand with Talent Development

The University System of Georgia (抖阴社区短视频) and its 26 institutions have a $19.3 billion impact on the State of Georgia. One of the 抖阴社区短视频鈥檚 top priorities is to strengthen its partnership with Georgia-based businesses to address the critical need for talent throughout our state.

The 抖阴社区短视频鈥檚 top economic development priorities and activities include:

  • Facilitating employer and university partnerships to develop professional learning, academic curriculum, experiential learning, and innovation-driven research opportunities for the existing and future workforce.

  • Conducting analyses of high-demand career sectors and create talent-development insights and playbooks with recommendations and initiatives for talent development with 抖阴社区短视频 institutions.

  • Mobilizing system-level assets and all 抖阴社区短视频 institutions to address talent demand in high-demand career industries.