Leadership and Institutional Development

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About ELI

The Executive Leadership Institute is a comprehensive 120-hour development program facilitated by leading experts in leadership. Scholars will enhance their leadership skills to prepare for potential high-level advancement within the System.


  • Commitment to the field of higher education and potential for promotion
  • Consecutive positive evaluation ratings for the last three years (or during tenure at current institution, if fewer than three years)
  • Demonstrated potential based on the 抖阴社区短视频 leadership competencies
  • Minimum of a bachelor鈥檚 degree and any other qualifications required for the next-level position
  • Qualified to hold job title of chair, executive director or a higher-level position

Commitment: The ELI requires approximately 120 hours of the scholar鈥檚 time over an eight-month period in group learning formats, independent study, teleconferences, and action learning. Attendance and participation in all institute activities are required. Absences are unexcused and will result in consideration for removal from the program. The electronic application 鈥楢greement鈥 field must be checked to be considered. Participation in the ELI requires a commitment to all aspects of the following planned program activities.

If after reviewing the institute schedule, you determine you cannot attend one or more activities, you should consider applying at a later date when full attendance is possible.

ELI Components

Group Learning Sessions: Scholars will participate in six full-day group learning sessions focused on moving participants toward an increasing depth of personal understanding. The sessions also include intense introspection that drives growth through challenge-oriented curriculum. Sessions may involve overnight travel; see program agenda for more details.

Assessments: 360掳 assessments will be administered at the beginning and end of the institute. Scholars will receive feedback acquired from both in and outside of work. Scholars will also participate in a personality assessment to gain in-depth understanding of personality and its influence on leader effectiveness.

Cross Mentoring: Scholars will be divided into breakout groups of 5-7 participants called Cross Mentoring Groups (CMGs). The CMG sessions are designed to promote peer-to-peer mentoring and accountability, both during the face-to-face sessions and through structured conference calls throughout the seven-month program duration.

Alumni Development: Graduates are requested to engage in quarterly alumni activities and continue peer mentor relationships developed in the Institute. Alumni activities are led by fellow alumni. Graduates are also encouraged to participate as mentors to future ELI scholars.

Reflections: Scholars are encouraged to participate in reflective learning through journaling and dialog with peers as they travel their ELI journey.

Job Shadowing: The 抖阴社区短视频 recognizes that the quality of its leadership talent directly affects the ability to achieve its goals. One approach to build the future talent within the 抖阴社区短视频 is to allow the ELI program participants to gain valuable work experience at his/her home institution or other institutions within the System. This approach gives participants access to high-level leaders at alternate institutions providing unique and valuable insight and experience. Each scholar will be assigned to a senior executive to shadow during this period. Forty hours of job shadowing activities are expected of all scholars and may be spread over a four-month period. Faculty scholars have the option to complete job shadowing in their own institutions to accommodate teaching schedules.

Application Process

Each campus can nominate potential scholars to apply for the program. Nominations come directly from the President's office on each campus. We recommend reaching out to your institutions President's office to get more information about your campus's nomination process. Applications are only accepted from official nominees.